Black and Decker Air Fryer Review

Black and Decker Air Fryer Review – Models HF110SBD and HF100WD

Today I’m going to be reviewing the Black and Decker Air Fryer. Model numbers HF110SBD and HF100WD. I’ve seen this Air Fryer come up in my search for the perfect air fryer and I’m really surprised that more people aren’t buying a Black+Decker air BLACK+DECKER HF100WD Air Fryerfryer. Perhaps Black and Decker isn’t doing a good job of marketing this air fryer or some of the other companies are just really spending a huge amount of money on pushing their air fryers but this one is not one to pass up. Read my Black and Decker Air Fryer Review to find out why…


  • Dual convection fans gets your food crispy in minimal time
  • Comes in 2 colors – HF100WD (white) and HF110SBD (black)
  • Temperature Range 175 – 400 so you can cook all of your favorite fried foods

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What I like about the Black and Decker Air Fryer

Black and Decker is known for their quality power tools and lawn and garden equipment. They have a reputation for making tough products at a low price and this is evident in their Air Fryers as well. Earlier I mentioned that I wonder why more people are not aware of these, and it could be that when you think of Black+Decker you don’t necessarily think of kitchen appliances, or specifically, air fryers.

The Black and Decker Air Fryer is a quality product that will last you longer than some of the really cheap air fryers that are flooding the market right now. These other “off brand” cheap air fryers are known for having really poor instruction manuals that are obviously run through a translator software and called “good”. The Black and Decker Air Fryer manual is well written and easy to understand. Some recipes are included in the manual, and if you follow the recipe, you’ll get the same results. No guesswork involved.

Black and Decker HF110SBD Air FryerCleanup is super simple, as the surfaces are non-stick. The cooking basket is dishwasher safe as well.

The quality of this air fryer is comparable to the more expensive Philips analog model.

Another thing you’re going to love about this air fryer is the price. It’s less than $90 at the time of this writing! You’re not going to find another quality product at this price, which is why this air fryer is in my top 3 list.

Black and Decker has great customer service and there’s a 2 year warranty on their air fryers, while most company’s air fryer warranties are much much less.

What I don’t like about the Black and Decker Air Fryer

The controls are analog. You’re not going to get digital at this price, but even as analog controls, the numbers on the dial are tiny to read and could be bigger. The controls are usable, just not a pleasure to use. If you’re going to be using the air fryer a lot, I suggest just turning the dial far enough to get it to go on for a while and using an eternal timer. Minimal frustration that way.

Black and Decker seems to be an up-and-coming brand, but they’re not as well known as Philips in home and kitchen appliance space. One of the main issues with the Black and Decker air fryer is that people don’t necessarily know what they’re getting. The price is right though, and that can be a big factor to the most budget-minded consumers.

See my Philips AirFryer Review here.

Is the Black and Decker Air Fryer Worth buying?

If you want a cheap, no frills air fryer that’s going to last a while, yes… You should buy this air fryer. In fact, anyone who’s curious about air frying and not “all in” yet (you will be though, after air frying for a while), I would wholeheartedly suggest the black and decker air fryer as a first air fryer to buy.

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