Ivation Air Fryer Review – A Great Cheap Air Fryer

Air Fry Guy’s Review of the Ivation Air Fryer

Today I’m going to take a close look at the Ivation Air Fryer. This air fryer comes in two different model choices – Buttons or touch. The buttons model has a digital display with a button pad, and the touch model is different than the button model in that it has a touch screen interface and is $10 more than the button model.

Looking at the pictures of both, you may think you’re having deja vu, that you have seen these air fryers somewhere before. You Ivation Air Fryer Reviewwould be right… I believe that the Della Air Fryer has the exact same body and controls, just a different brand label. There are also other fryers that have a similar body to these and it appears as if they’re all made in the same factory and have slightly different trims and features than some of the others. I’m not really sure what to think, as this means that most of the budget priced air fryers are the same thing with slightly different packaging.


  • Your choice of touch screen or button controls
  • Digital temperature controls up to 392 degrees
  • Digital Time Controls
  • Slide-out pan with detachable basket
  • 1500W of cooking power

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What I like about The Ivation Air Fryer

Ivation Air Fryer ReviewThe Ivation Air fryer that I’m reviewing is super cheap. It can often be found on sale for less than $100. Click my amazon link to check the price. Even though it’s a cheap air fryer, it’s definitely not cheap on features. I’m still amazed that you can find a digital and touch screen interface at this price, and I don’t think you’ll find more features in an air fryer unless you plan on spending a lot more money.

The Pan and basket are nice, and are dishwasher safe. I’m not sure I would put mine in the dishwasher due to the non-stick coating, but the literature states that you can. I’ve heard of the coating starting to come off for some people, and my theory is that it’s being blasted off by their dishwasher’s jets.

The air fryer is really easy to use and looks nice especially for a cheaper air fryer model.

What I don’t like about The Ivation Air Fryer

The build quality of ALL of these similar air fryer models is questionable in my opinion. You’re getting a cheap air fryer, but how long will it last? Some people have reported that the non stick coating comes off after a few months. My theory is that they’re washing it often in their dishwasher, and the jets are spraying the coating off. If you’re going to get this fryer, I would avoid putting the parts in the dishwasher and hand wash them instead.

The manual that comes with this air fryer is virtually worthless. Since it’s basically the same thing as the GoWISE GW22621, I Ivation Air Fryer Reviewwould advise that you download the manual for that air fryer instead as it’s comprehensive and you won’t be frustrated.

When the fryer is brand new, it gives off a slight electrical smell which goes away after a few uses. You may want to just practice making some french fries when you first purchase it, then dump the batches. About 3 batches of food later, the smell disappears.

Bottom Line

Over all, if you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend $200-$300 on a new applicance, this is a good air fryer if you can put up with a bad manual and some minor inconveniences. Click any of the pictures here, or my “Buy” buttons to buy from Amazon and get the best discount anywhere.


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1 thought on “Ivation Air Fryer Review – A Great Cheap Air Fryer”

  1. I have the Ivation 5.5 quart 1800watt air fryer. Basically I’m very happy with the unit (best air fryer I’ve had so far). However, I too have had to contact the company in reference to the nonstick coating coming off (after about 5.5 months of using it) and I do NOT “over wash it” either in the dishwater OR handwashing (I used mild soap and non abrasive pads). I’ve had several air fryers (due to liking the minimal or NO oils), yet I find that either these companies need to use another type of surface for the basket…or infuse a better non-stick surface. I’ve reached out to Ivation (via email), so far only a “auto-reply” message indicating that they will address my concerns. I asked the company if “replacement” baskets are available (which would be MUCH cheaper than a entire new air fryer unit). Still waiting. But make no mistake, the unit cooks VERY WELL.


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