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AirfryGuy Reviews the Power Smokeless Grill

It’s been a while since my last post, and Here at AirfryGuy, we’re usually reviewing Airfryers and deep fryers. Today I’d like to introduce something a little different. Without further ado, I’d love to present to you my Power Smokeless Grill Review…

Power Smokeless Grill Review - Chicken

We’ve looked at and tested a lot of small kitchen appliances and while this blog’s main focus is air fryers, I’ve recently seen the ads for the power smokeless grill on TV and just HAD to know more.

I’m a big fan of grilling outdoors in the summertime and here in Michigan where the winters can get pretty brutal, it’s always nice to have something that reminds you of summer. It’s nice to have something quick and easy that lets you grill food without all of the fuss and setup.

Does the Power Smokeless Grill live up to its promise of a smokeless grill experience without the fuss and all of the flavor? Let’s find out! I’m going to check out a few of the main selling points in this review of the Power Smokeless Grill and we’ll see how it all ads up.

Is the Power Smokeless Grill REALLY Smokeless?

This is the main question that everyone reading this power smokeless grill review must be wondering…. I once had a Forman grill that I loved. I would cook burgers on it and they’d turn out great but once I got past the first burger, the grill would start smoking. And my smoke alarm would be blaring in the ears of my family. Not a pleasant experience!

The most important thing for an indoor appliance is to be odor-free and smoke free. If not, the only thing it’s good for is to drive unwanted guests out of your home. But seriously, this is the best thing about the power smokeless grill.

Most people on Amazon are telling us that this grill really IS smoke-free. By far, most reviews are from people who are pretty impressed with the grill. Some people complain of smoke when cooking steaks, but this problem can be generally avoided by adding water to the grill’s water tray per the instructions that come with the grill.

The coolest feature as far as the lack of smoke goes is that the Power Smokeless Grill actually REMOVES the smell of the smoke from the cooking process. So very little to no smoke, and very little odor. Now this is something I can get behind, as I love to cook stinky foods, while my family HATES that I love to cook stinky foods.

How convenient is the Power Smokeless Grill?

“Lots of cleanup” – An Elderly Amazon reviewer

Another Amazon reviewer says – “All pieces go easily into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.”

More Amazon Reviews Here

Looks like there are conflicting views on how convenient the product is. Usually the truth is somewhere in the middle. Some days I would rather just go outdoors and grill a steak, but there are other days you want to stay in… Like rainy or snowy days. And you still feel like grilling. That’s where the Power Smokeless Grill shows its convenience factor. It’s not handy for cooking every day, and probably not fun to hand wash, so if you’re going to buy this, make sure you have a dishwasher for simple cleanup.

How durable is the Power Smokeless Grill?

The Power Smokeless Grill seems like a quality product at first try. Some people have gotten defective units and have had to return them. This is really, really common for small electric appliances. They seem to be all manufactured pretty cheaply so profits can be made.

One possible issue with these gadgets is that the glass cover can break if you’re not careful. It’s made of tempered glass, but can still break so take care not to drop it.

I suggest buying at Amazon, where the return policies have no fuss. Or if you’re going to go with an old fashioned brick and mortar store, get it from Bed Bath and Beyond, where the return policies are very generous.

What I like about the Power Smokeless Grill

I guess if I had to pick one thing in this review of the Power smokeless grill, it’s the coolness factor of being able to cook a big ol’ chunk of meat indoors when the weather sucks. Or I can throw a slab of salmon on there and not have to worry about stinking up the house.

Power Smokeless Grill Review - Steaks

Buy on Amazon

What I don’t like about the Power Smokeless Grill

As cool as this little contraption is, I don’t get as much use out of it as I hoped I would. I love grilling things during winter here but I can’t honestly say that I use it every day. I’m afraid that if I actually did use it every day that I’d break the glass cover. Let’s face it, I’m pretty impulsive with my food and I could see myself getting into a hurry and accidentally dropping the cover, shattering it to bits on my countertop.


To conclude this Power Smokeless Grill review… Would I buy it? Yes… As a gift for someone who loves grilling. Or if I really love kitchen gadgets. Will this appliance see everyday use in my kitchen? Nope! As I mentioned earlier, this grill can be fun to use and can tide me over until I can grill outdoors but to me, nothing really compares to outdoor grilling.

Buy the Power Smokeless Grill on Amazon for a great discount and no hassle return policy.

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  1. If you did break the cover, can you buy a replacement. If so get a second one and then you will never need it.


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