Chefman Air Fryer Review

Chefman Air Fryer Review – Introduction So one of my goals for the new year is to write more Air Fryer reviews. To put my finger on the customer pulse, analyze the features, and to let the words flow from my fingers to save you time and get you the best deal on Air fryers. … Read more

Power Smokeless Grill Review

AirfryGuy Reviews the Power Smokeless Grill It’s been a while since my last post, and Here at AirfryGuy, we’re usually reviewing Airfryers and deep fryers. Today I’d like to introduce something a little different. Without further ado, I’d love to present to you my Power Smokeless Grill Review… Buy on Amazon We’ve looked at and … Read more

Kalorik Air Fryer Review

Kalorik AirFryer Review and Guide Introduction When you think of Air fryers, the one thing that comes to mind is late night infomercials. Air fryers are so much more than what you see on the TV late at night and the Kalorik Air fryer is an excellent, cheaper alternative to many air fryers that you … Read more

Black and Decker Air Fryer Review

Black and Decker Air Fryer Review – Models HF110SBD and HF100WD Today I’m going to be reviewing the Black and Decker Air Fryer. Model numbers HF110SBD and HF100WD. I’ve seen this Air Fryer come up in my search for the perfect air fryer and I’m really surprised that more people aren’t buying a Black+Decker air … Read more

Philips Airfryer Review

Philips Airfryer Models Reviewed Air fryers are a brand new technology that lets you cook fried foods with just a fraction of the grease that conventional deep fryers use. Air fryers work very well, and they’re a healthier alternative to using a conventional deep fryer full of unhealthy industrial refined vegetable oils. You can choose … Read more