Welcome! I’m the AirfryGuy and welcome to my blog. Let me introduce myself..The Air Fry Guy

I’m an early-forties (young) guy with a family and a passion to stay healthy and in great shape well into my retirement years. My main goal of this blog is to show you how air fryers can really make a difference in your life, health, and overall happiness with food and dieting.

I’m a software developer by trade, and I sit down a lot. I do my best to maintain a good level of physical activity but that’s hard when I have a job that requires me to sit all day. I have to do whatever I can to stay healthy, eat right, and to stay in great shape. I’m a lover of all sorts of junk food, I admit it… Even though I try my best to eat healthy fats, limit my carbs and get enough protein I still find myself craving things like fried chicken, french fries, potato skins… Well, you get the picture… Junk food!

What if I told you that junk food doesn’t have to be all that unhealthy? What if you could cook with good fats and only a minimal amount at that? This is true, and what makes it possible is using an air fryer! ┬áIt’s possible to make healthy fried foods with little to no oil… Healthy foods that won’t have your kids giving you “that look”… Parents know exactly what I’m talking about here!

Craving greasy french fries? Boom… Air fried sweet potato fries are a very tasty and extremely healthy alternative. Deep fried chicken? Do it yourself, skinless in the airfryer to get delicious chicken without all of the unhealthy processed oils that you would get from a traditional deep fryer. The list goes on and on.

Feel free to browse around to see if a air fryer can change your diet, your health, and your overall happiness with food. If you have any comments, suggestions, or inquiries, feel free to drop me a line on my contact form.